10/14/2019, 4:30 PM
Hey, maybe someone is eager to help to build a versioned data store (currently for XML and JSON in a binary format, whereas the storage engine has been written from scratch). SirixDB shares unchanged database pages between snapshots and even versions data pages... the core has been written in Java but the REST-API is built with Vert.x and Kotlin (Coroutines) and I'd love to add Kotlin to other modules as it's so much more fun to write and read Kotlin code. I'd also love to provide a Kotlin DSL...

Xavier F. Gouchet

10/15/2019, 7:57 AM
Since it's Hacktoberfest, I was actually looking for projects I could contribute to. Though I'm not an expert in DB code, I'll try and submit a couple of PRs 🙂


10/15/2019, 10:14 AM
That's super awesome... having worked for years (with long breaks admittedly) on the project, since I finished university and now during #Hacktoberfest getting the first contributions 🙂 I'm still not sure if it would be okay to add a Kotlin dependency to the core. However, we could simplify the APIs and probably even add a great DSL 🙂 That said the REST-API is written in Kotlin (sirix-rest-api module) and I really love Kotlin, even if I'm pretty new to Kotlin.
and it's not really satisfying to have to use Java if I could also use Kotlin 🙂