Hi there, been lurking for a while but want to use...
# meta
Hi there, been lurking for a while but want to use the kotlinlang slack more actively. However, I find it very confusing which topic to use and there seems to be an over-abundance of topics as well. It would be truly helpful if the admins could write proper topic descriptions, maybe have an FAQ somewhere for newcomers (maybe there is?), and lastly trim down on the amount of topics. Just a suggestion 🙂
For newcomers @Alina Dolgikh [JB] published a great workflow, if you. join #getting-started. If you have any suggestions let us know ☺️
ah..had to leave and re-join 🙂 Maybe pin or put link to code and guidlines somewhere visible. Thanks
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@Lars Toft Jacobsen thanks for the feedback! We are still working on improvements for this Slack, so your feedback is very valuable
You’re absolutely welcome @Alina Dolgikh [JB], and thanks for the work on the guideline. Just noticed you actually posted it in announcements as well 😊