Is it possible to get a janitor for the <#C0B8M7BU...
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Is it possible to get a janitor for the #android channel? The quality of posts plummeted in the last several months. People do not respect the purpose of that channel and ask general Android questions that are in no way associated with Kotlin. Such questions should be removed with warning. It may also be helpful to ask people with authority (Google employees active in that channel) to not dignify the irrelevant questions and instead redirect those questioners to search engines.
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I’m just basically ignoring the channel entirely at this point.
Is it maybe worth splitting up android into general android and android kotlin? Here is a recent comment in a thread on #android "Yea, I wish this Kotlin Slack would allow general Android questions because the answer quality here is amazing" Although I know this is kotlinlang slack I think you could argue that there are a lot of channels that aren't even kotlin specific at all and so this slack would be the wrong place to ask (i.e. dagger or squarelibraries)