# meta

Ellen Spertus

04/14/2020, 7:02 PM
I’m not sure why I was told my question involving Kotlin coroutines is out-of-scope for #android, when other questions seemingly less related to Kotlin were uncriticized. Could someone help me understand what’s going on? I don’t want to be either a bad citizen or a wimp and could use help calibrating a response.


04/14/2020, 7:26 PM
Hmm. I don't know Android, and haven't done much with coroutines. But of course I'm going to provide my thoughts anyway. Reading your question doesn't make it clear to me that it involves coroutines. So perhaps the person that responded also felt it was a 'strictly Android' question? Or is/should it be obvious to someone that knows Android internals, that this isn't just Android? And that it potentially involves coroutines? So possibly a case of you knowing more than the responder?