I need slightly help for using rxjava with retrofi...
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I need slightly help for using rxjava with retrofit I have a post request, the status code response could be 200 or 400+ depending on what I have sent, what I need is get the json as a "RegisterResponse" Object as we do on .subscreibe(//here) just to return it as MutableLiveData<RegisterResponse>() object the problem is I received the response as a string how I can changing it to be "RegisterResponse" object
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val data = MutableLiveData<RegisterResponse>()
            ServiceRepo.register(firstName, lastName, mobileno, email, password)
                    data.value = it
                }, { throwable ->
        val error: HttpException = throwable as HttpException
                    if (error.code() == 400) {
                        val jObj = error.response().errorBody() as RegisterResponse//the issue here, i can't cast it 
                        data.value = jObj

i converting it to with gson but i think there is a better solution
I actually don't think there is a better solution. I think Retrofit just gives you back errors as strings? but I could be wrong.
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the raw response message from an error
would be a
or you might have a non empty
which you could use source(), string(), etc… to deserialize into your
type. but retrofit doesn’t do that for you, you would need to do that yourself. probably a good case for using a SingleTransformer to group that logic into something easy to test and reuse? and since you bring up GSON for JSON with what doesn’t sound like a high level of confidence I recommend you give this a watch and arm yourself with knowledge on the topic: https://vimeo.com/341115830 also you can have other types of errors than just HttpException so you may want to
that first cast. something like a dns fail ends up as a
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If you want to see the success code I think you can make your query a Response<RegisterResponse> then extract the code from that then map the RegisterResponse at the end if you have what you want
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