Hey guys, could you recommend a good book or onlin...
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Hey guys, could you recommend a good book or online course for Rx (also maybe for functional programming with Kotlin/Java)?
This book is about rxjava1 but still very useful and you can learn all the operators and how to use them: Reactive Programming with RxJava: Creating Asynchronous, Event-Based Applications https://g.co/kgs/qXaFqd
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You can join to the #arrow channel to discuss functional programming with arrow (a kotlin library for func programming) Or you can read more about on the wesite (https://arrow-kt.io/) or reading this book: Functional Kotlin: Extend Your OOP Skills and Implement Functional Techniques in Kotlin and Arrow https://g.co/kgs/Ai16zL
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There is also a very nice book by @thomasnield https://www.amazon.com/Learning-RxJava-Thomas-Nield/dp/1787120422
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