oaky, I got the issue, since rxbinding never calls...
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oaky, I got the issue, since rxbinding never calls onComplete,
can never work, fortunately I herad this in some presentation that groupby require onComple to get called by previous observables, but where is this documented?
mingkangpan: if its infinite you might want to consider using scan() instead of reduce(). It will emit each rolling accumulation and does not require onComplete()
I wanted to try out the reduce since I want to get the sum of the 2 groups
It does not need to be explicitly documented as its clear when you get a deeper understanding of rxjava
Just like toList. If it is not completed how can it tell when to emit?
But you can do the grouping before the first flatMap returns
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  .flatMap {
 Observable.from(arrayListOf(1,2,3)).groupBy { … }...