Hi, Any resources for spring boot + kotlin best pr...
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Hi, Any resources for spring boot + kotlin best practices and tutorials?
Generally, with Kotlin you have the same best practices for Spring as with Java Maybe just with one additional feature - Spring provides a number of kotlin extensions
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Thanks Anton. Any free resources you suggest for learning Spring boot.
Here you are the official guide from spring https://spring.io/guides/tutorials/spring-boot-kotlin/
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It is interesting because it also explains the need of maven/gradle plugins
It is also interesting to know that you have the DSL alternative to wire beans in Kotlin, instead of annotations. routing and beans
Also, it important to know that if you use JPA in Kotlin, you should avoid the use of data classes to declare entities. It is well explained in the above tutorial
Thanks a lot @Luca Piccinelli.
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Another good spot on the Spring website to checkout is the Spring Boot documentation: https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/2.6.3/reference/htmlsingle/ It’s a little verbose to get started, but a great reference to read up on the core features and third party integrations
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