Hey Spring users, I am creating the <Klogging logg...
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Hey Spring users, I am creating the Klogging logging library in Kotlin. There is also an SLF4J binding and a Spring Boot Starter. Currently it supports Splunk, Graylog and Seq destinations directly. Let me know if you try it and if you find it useful (or not!).
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maybe you could promote it in #feed / #opensource
Thanks, @kqr I will.
I'm using logback with jsonlayout and kotlinx-coroutines-slf4j. Are there advantages to klogging over the aforementioned setup?
@Jacob Yes: kotlinx-coroutines-slf4j provides convenient mapping between SLFJ MDC and coroutine context but that is all. You are still responsible for removing items from MDC and tracking them between threads (Spring does that pretty well). slf4j-klogging includes MDC mapping without any extra code. You still have Logback underneath, with its limitations of using text messages with structured logs as an afterthought, and only millisecond precision in timestamps.