Any active open source projects using spring/kotli...
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Any active open source projects using spring/kotlin? Would love to get some inspiration that goes deeper than the Spring Kotlin beginner tutorial
I am not aware of any in particular. What helped me a lot at the beginning was jumping right in and using it. After a short period you get over the initial question marks and then it is enjoyable learning all the way.
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Also, with a small project, especially on GitHub, it is easier to ask questions here and on SO
in general u can start with test on kotlin - this is first advice that appears probably everywhere but from my experience you can jump into with some small service with your project and that shouldn’t cause issues. Spring developers looks VERY involved in kotlin ecosystem state the main trick there is compilers plugins that needed to handle natural difference between kotlin and java (final by default and no default constructors) write the same way as java is obviously not best practise - but possible way to jump into p.s. also point that I would mention to
keep in mind
difference in “streams”\collection nature
not sure that my comment is very helpful cos you probably will find all of that points at top pages of SpringBoot section on kotlinlang. but this is highlight of major issues that I’ve solved when started
btw - give a huge piece of your attention to coroutines and suspend our team have find place where coroutines have simply “destroy” java threads approach: we have some 3paty http request that should get response from us in a while(after user reaction on push notification) and keeping alive it with thread instead of well structured(regular imperative piece of code) and lightweight coroutine - looks very difficult task. and its only point about readability\supportablity of code - point about performance still there
I have done some projects as samples but they are different enough from most tutorials.
Fantastic resources y’all, thank you! I am actually working on a Spring microservice right now, really enjoying it. Just wanted to look at how other people structure their tests etc
Check out this book: I got this as a recommendation from colleague and it's amazing. Short, easy to understand reasoning, Java / Spring examples. Highly recommend it
maybe could provide some help