hello! I’m hitting some weird problem with a custo...
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hello! I’m hitting some weird problem with a custom
that my application context fails to load up as it fails to resolve some of the post processor dependencies complaining about unability to parse out
value passed for one its parameters. My understanding is that Spring post processors should be applied at that point as they are
so they take precedence over the regular ordered beans. Using Spring Boot 2.2.5.RELEASE It’s a longshot but just wondering if anyone here hit some similar issue.
unfortunately don’t have an option to drop that custom bean processor as other libs depend on it 😞
error i’m hitting
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Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "${my.property:60}"
is not specified it should default to 60 but it looks like it tries to parse whole string as an integer
it looks like
used to create the dependent beans does not have
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boolean hasEmbeddedValueResolver();
is it koltin code? in that case, it should be
its coming from java lib
it looks like it has to do something with the order of loading up the beans