# spring

Sindy Senorita

01/16/2020, 12:17 AM
Hi, I’m trying to build a multi-module, aggregation type, spring boot project (like in I got a root pom.xml that specifies 2 modules: 1 app module and 1 library module when I run
mvn clean package
, the library module compiles successfully but the application module does not find the library module with error
Unresolved reference: thelibrarymodule
This sounds like a classic spring boot problem, but no post in internet seem to have proper fix/explanation. This is driving me insane Can someone please help me? any explanation of the root cause or any suggested keyword to google with? Thanks in advance


01/16/2020, 8:37 AM
Hi, this is off-topic here, as it is not related to Kotlin. Please try the links in the channel topic, there is spring guides link, where you can find working examples and spring-boot gitter chat link where you can get help. Another option - stackoverflow. As a side-note, the details you provided aren't enough to help you, because you basically say that you did it like in the guide but it doesn't work, that's not enough to diagnose the problem.
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