When I run `DELETE` operation with `spring-r2dbc` ...
# spring
When I run
operation with
and coroutines, by using such code inside a suspending function:
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databaseClient.execute("DELETE FROM tab WHERE field = :field").bind("field", 5).then().awaitFirstOrNull()
Spring Boot gives me the following exception in logs:
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2019-09-12 19:52:05,849 [reactor-tcp-epoll-3] ERROR i.r.p.client.ReactorNettyClient - Connection Error
io.netty.util.IllegalReferenceCountException: refCnt: 0
        at io.netty.buffer.AbstractByteBuf.ensureAccessible(AbstractByteBuf.java:1464)
        at io.netty.buffer.CompositeByteBuf.discardReadComponents(CompositeByteBuf.java:1733)
        at io.r2dbc.postgresql.message.backend.BackendMessageEnvelopeDecoder.lambda$apply$0(BackendMessageEnvelopeDecoder.java:69)
        at reactor.core.publisher.FluxCreate.subscribe(FluxCreate.java:94)
        at reactor.core.publisher.Flux.subscribe(Flux.java:8127)
It looks like some kind of resource leak warning, because my code is running fine and SQL statement is executed correctly. If I run:
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there is no exception. And there are no problems with other kind of queries (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE). Is this my bug? Or is this probably a bug in
spring boot
Does the same code runs fine with Reactive API ? Unrelated, but any reason to use
instead of the provide extensions?
And what version of Boot + Spring Data R2DBC are you using?
I'm not using reactive api, so I'm not sure and I'm not really know how to check this. What should I use instead of
to execute the statement and suspend until it is done? I'm using: Spring Boot 2.2.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT Spring Data R2DBC 1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT r2dbc-postgresql 0.8.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT (the only combination that works for me at the moment)
We provide Kotlin extensions
For Coroutines directly
It lacks of documentation for now
Apparently the problem solved itself ... Gradle downloaded some new snapshots and the exception is gone ­čÖé Thx for your support anyway.
One more question - is there any significant difference in using await* kotlin extensions from spring-data and await* extensions from coroutines.rective?
I haven't even noticed I'm mixing those extensions in my code until your question
Nope they are just shortcuts