asking because it doesn’t seem to be, I’m ending u...
# spring
asking because it doesn’t seem to be, I’m ending up with this ….
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Parameter 2 of constructor in com.potreromed.gateway.usecase.InitialFoleySetupApplicationService required a bean of type 'com.potreromed.gateway.model.PatientService' that could not be found.
    Consider defining a bean of type 'com.potreromed.gateway.model.PatientService' in your configuration.
Are you sure it works with @Service like you are trying to use it? At least it should work together with @Bean but then you need a bit different approach
@Jukka Siivonen no I’m not sure
using it the way the example shows does work though 😕 but so much more verbose
Not sure what your use case is but I have a feeling that Conditional is meant primarly for auto configuration purposes
setting up the default for a pluggable system
Yeah, most auto configuration I've seen does that I guess, but they are own type like FooAutoConfiguration with @Bean function and logic to create that default implementation
I’m probably going to open an issue for this because I think it should work. Just so wilkinsona can close it
I kind of wonder what kind of class it can be applied to since the annotation is class applicable not just method