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@sdeleuze I am wondering if there will be ever STOMP library based on Reactor in Spring. I've done some prototyping and seems Reactor is not the best option for dynamic subscriptions. Particularly there are not many processors that can be used and all have some pros and cons(more cons). I can talk in more detail about it, but my prototype failed. It didn't pass the test of repetitive subscription/unsubscription with 100 ms delay to receive messages. I tried many different approaches while trying to pass this test, fixed memory leaks, thread leak, but at some point, with the best implementation that I could achieve messages anyway just stop coming. Then I tried to do a prototype using coroutines and it was developed a lot faster and passed many different tests without problems. As a plus related to structured concurrency you can have a supervisor job associated with a subscription that finishes everything that was launched per subscription, per destination, per transaction, e.t.c. So the question is what are plans about STOMP in this regard?
I am not sure about your use case, but one of the main Spring Framework 5.2 feature we are working on is http://rsocket.io support in Spring that can be used from any kind of client (Go, JS, C++, Java, Kotlin). This is the successor of our STOMP support in Reactive world and will achieve very high scalability in a wide range of use cases. I would like to provide a Coroutines API at some point. Also feel free to submit your Reactor prototype to Reactor Gitter for feedbacks.
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