have u debug it ? add autowire of objectMapper an...
# spring
have u debug it ? add autowire of objectMapper and you will see what kind of mapper u have - 1st rule if you can ask compiler ­čśü @poohbar pls continue in thread - we won't be verbose in channel
I autowired ObjectMmapper
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0 = "com.fasterxml.jackson.module.kotlin.KotlinModule"
1 = "org.springframework.boot.jackson.JsonComponentModule"
so it seems like the module is there
now the question is whether the
method uses the same mapper.. I would hope it does
the other question is why would it throw ­čśä
When I debug what spring does with the incoming data it goes directly into
and tries to instantiate it using the no-arg constructor
oh I guess it does not use jackson at all!
because it's POST form-data
probably now you should read about Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder
for example this thread