Hello, I'm having a issue with transient fields: a...
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Hello, I'm having a issue with transient fields: as I've seen in Java JPA @Document @Transient fields moved to use the transient java keyword, in Kotlin there's only the annotation. Is it supposed to work in Kotlin with @Transient or there is another trick to do that?
if you are declaring fields in the constructor you should use @field:Transient
if you use just @Transient you are annotating the parameter
@agomez hey, thanks
but it is not working 😕
it also would be very strange, if @Transient doesnt apply to the field why @Id applies?
here a smaller version of a data class with the issue:
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@Document(collection = "company")
data class Company(@Id val id: Int,
                   val citiesIds: List<Int>)
I'll try with the field declaration, to see if it works
never used JPA Transient in kotlin
class Person(@field:Column(nullable = false, length = 100, unique = true) var name: String)
that's the way i used Columns in the constructor declaration