Very general note on language design. Someone from...
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Very general note on language design. Someone from C# design team, don’t remember who exactly told me about a principle I like very much. They start any feature/proposal/idea with the “-200 points”. That means, that unless there are at least 200 points in favor of the feature, they don’t even start designing it. It’s arguable how much each argument/use case/etc adds to the pile, but in general, if you keep in mind that there are no free features (not in terms of JetBrains investment, but in terms of burden added to the language, cost of learning, etc) and that you need to have a very compelling reason to introduce this or that, it makes discussions much more constructive. Just a note.
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That's a great way to think about it. I'll have to keep that in mind.
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Yeah maybe they should have followed that idea better. C# became quite a clustertruck lately. Don't like the syntax or new features much.
Quantifying this is hard though