is spek2 complaining when an exception occurs duri...
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is spek2 complaining when an exception occurs during the lookup of tests? spek1 doesn't as far as I can tell and it is sometimes quite annoying. You get a green build because no tests were executed at all
Any exceptions will be propagated upstream, so it's up to junit5 on how it reacts. I think it just logs any failure as a warning.
@robstoll can you give an example? Maybe as an issue on spek repo, we'd love to track that and maybe propagate to JUnit team if that's not configurable
Junit5 does not complain if no tests were found. You can use a flag in the Console-Runner as far as I remember. for reproduction:
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object A : Spek ({
  throw IllegalStateException()
Written on my phone but I think it should suffice
mm that's a good example, thx