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Jakob Löhnertz

10/27/2021, 11:55 AM
I did a live programming stream yesterday: I built a basic, albeit functional, web crawler from scratch in Kotlin (without external libraries) K If you are interested in watching it afterward now, check the VOD:

At the very end of the stream, I found out that there were even people from this Slack server watching live that found it somehow 🤩 It was my first ever livestream, but I enjoyed it thoroughly! It was also very interactive in case the audience has some ideas or wishes what to implement. Thus, I'm planning on doing more of it. In case you are interested in future ones, consider subscribing to the channel, as I will schedule them multiple days in advance which should allow you to see that or let me know and I'll ping you here on Slack beforehand.
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Something I forgot, you can find all the code that I wrote live there in this public repository: