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05/07/2021, 12:25 PM
Hello friends! I had a lot of fun this week re-implementing
, a command-line tool with Kotlin Multi-platform meaning it runs both on the JVM with its wealth of libraries and on Kotlin/Native which provides an executable that starts fast and can be deployed to a computer with no JVM installed. I also found out that configuring everything you expect takes a lot of time. Configuring Gradle - Working with Files - Parsing arguments - and more Network Calls - Unit testing - Continuous Integration with GitHub Actions So I converted my project in to make it re-usable as a GitHub template ==> kotlin-cli-starter, a starter project for command-line tools in Kotlin Multiplatform Let me know if you implement something with it!
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It was my first time ever working with Kotlin Multiplatform, thanks a lot to the community who answered my questions in #kotlin-native and #multiplatform
Offer: if you have an idea for a CLI tool and want to do some pair programming in Code With Me, contact me here :


05/09/2021, 7:07 AM
excellent pic 😄
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