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Madalin Valceleanu

08/10/2020, 6:22 AM
📚 Sample Android Components Architecture on a Modular Word focused on the scalability, testability and maintainability written in Kotlin, following best practices using Jetpack. Application is based, apply and strictly complies with each of the following 5 points: • A 
single-activity architecture
, using the Navigation component to manage fragment operations. • Android 
architecture components
, part of Android Jetpack give to project a robust design, testable and maintainable. • Pattern 
 (MVVM) facilitating separation of development of the graphical user interface. •
 design principles intended to make software designs more understandable, flexible and maintainable. •
Modular app architecture
 allows being developed features in isolation, independently from other features. Project link:
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Casey Brooks

08/10/2020, 2:53 PM
I’m a little confused. I see this project posted in the feed a lot, but I don’t know why you’re getting reposting it. Are there new updates since the last post? Could you list those in the description here instead of the same block of text we’ve already seen? IMO, #feed shouldn’t be used for continually bumping a project. It should be for new links and project updates (ideally with the changes highlighted here and the full release notes being the actual link)
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