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Shabih Syed

05/22/2020, 5:53 PM
Hi there! We at mParticle  recently released a new open source product called Smartype. Built on Kotlin, it generates type-safe code for multiple platforms working off a common JSON data model. Since we help companies collect customer data from mobile, web and OTT apps, enforcement of a standardized data collection strategy is of utmost importance. Otherwise, you get all sorts of data quality issues downstream wherever customer data events and attributes are forwarded. Smartype helps developers manage data quality by enforcing a standardized data collection strategy and by collaborating with PMs and Marketers through an API that offers all CRUD operations vs. ever going to the mParticle User Interface. Next Wednesday, May 27th, at 10am PDT/1pm EDT, we'll be broadcasting live on Linkedin to discuss the challenges of managing data quality, and how developers and PM teams can leverage mParticle's new Smartype feature. Follow mParticle to get a notification when we go live. Would love for anyone to join to learn, play with it on their own time and give us feedback.
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05/25/2020, 9:24 AM
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