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📣 📣 We'd like to announce the second released version of
library — 0.2 Thanks to the great effort of @Abduqodiri Qurbonzoda [JB] we now have modern and efficient implementations of persistent collections rewritten from scratch. That allowed us to improve performance characteristics of many collection operations. See more details in the changelog: https://github.com/Kotlin/kotlinx.collections.immutable/releases/tag/v0.2 Another notable change is that we have split each collection interface there into two parts: an
that merely extends a read-only
and adds a contract of immutability on top of it, and a
that additionally provides modification operations and builders. We encourage you to try it and share your feedback, but note that the library is still pre-release, so the API and implementations can change in future. Currently this library is provided only for JVM, but our next short term plan is turning it into a multiplatform one. Slack Conversation
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Loving these changes. How did you go about analyzing the performance improvements of using the hash array mapped trie? Just asymptotically? I would love to get more details.
Not just asymptotically. We have conducted many, many benchmarks to measure memory allocations and computing performance. Very soon we will publish the results of those benchmarks. Perhaps performance comparison of our implementations with other frameworks will also be published. Anyway, right now you can run benchmarks to compare kotlin implementations with others here: https://github.com/Kotlin/kotlinx.collections.immutable/tree/benchmarks-libraries
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