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Chris Barbour

06/11/2019, 4:54 PM
We at HexLabs have just released an open source library called
that turns AWS CloudFormation into a type safe Kotlin DSL. You can build any AWS resource using the library as it's a one to one match for CloudFormation There's loads more to come as we are building it to be modular. As an example we built to help with AWS Lambda. Check it out and let us know what you think. Website and documentation can be found here:
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06/11/2019, 5:05 PM
Did you have a look at the AWS CDK? Building Infrastructure as Code with Kotlin upon its Java API is super simple, and the advanced features the CDK provides (such as a diff tool) make me never want to go back to CloudFormation.

Chris Barbour

06/11/2019, 5:14 PM
yes this was announced last year while we were building KloudFormation, i think its fantastic. The benefits of KloudFormation come from its direct mapping to CloudFormation making it easy if you already know how to write CloudFormation then its a short step to KloudFormation. Also you have the ability to build your own reusable modules on top that anyone can include in their projects
Another cool feature we have is the ability to invert from CloudFormation into Kotlin


06/11/2019, 8:01 PM
that go me thinking to create a dsl to replace the yaml of kubectl 🙂
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