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I really hope this kind of success on the Android platform can be replicated on other platforms
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Unlike Android, other technologies, like e.g. server technologies, each have their own name. For example, take a look here: https://www.itjobswatch.co.uk/jobs/uk/kotlin.do Scroll down to “Co-occurring IT Skills”, Android occupies I believe 40%-50% (they are not mutually exclusive), and if you scroll further down you’ll see Apache Spark and ElasticSearch, and HTTP and what not. Each has may be single-digit %, but cumulatively they would add up. I didn’t do the complete math, but I strongly believe Android is not the only thing on Kotlin Job Market.
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Some companies use kotlin on their backend too...e.g. Toast in the Boston area..
It may be semi-anecdotal, but this article i wrote some time ago about using Kotlin with Apache Spark has been getting much more traffic two years later. http://tomstechnicalblog.blogspot.com/2016/11/using-kotlin-language-with-spark.html