I'm migrating an Android app from Katana to Kodein...
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I'm migrating an Android app from Katana to Kodein DI. I've hit a pain point with the ViewModel factories because some of them take a SavedStateHandle in the constructor. Katana had a SavedStateHandle module which made it really simple to delegate instantiation of these to DI. I see Kodein DI has an androidx module, but no special handling for SavedStateHandle. I also saw a StackOverflow about solving this with an older version of Kodein DI. The accepted solution there feels like relatively heavy boilerplate compared to how Katana had addressed this. So I wanted to reach out and see if there is appetite to include something similar in Kodein DI.
There should definitely be. Could you open an issue in Kodein-DI Github ?
Also, feel free to submit a PR if you have the time ­čśë
Will do. Thanks Salomon