Hello! How do I create a Spring like bean? I don'...
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Hello! How do I create a Spring like bean? I don't have an interface to bind with its implementation. I just need the instance available at kodein container. I went through documentation, but I couldn't find anything similar. Thanks in advance!
Spring beans are just classes bound into the Spring container, With Kodein you just need to bind your instance into the kodein container aswell, like:
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bind<DataSource>() with singleton { MyBean() }
as explained here https://kodein.org/Kodein-DI/?6.2/core#_singleton_binding or https://kodein.org/Kodein-DI/?6.2/core#_direct_binding retrieving dependencies is also easy, depending on the model you chose (injection / retrieval) https://kodein.org/Kodein-DI/?6.2/core#_dependency_injection_retrieval
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Thanks a lot @romainbsl!