Hi! I've been working on a Kodein course mostly th...
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Hi! I've been working on a Kodein course mostly thought for Android apps and based on nested scopes (+testing). It'll be completely free during a whole week. Please don't hesitate to give feedback. You'll probably like it @salomonbrys. I'd love to get some feedback from you 😊 https://twitter.com/JorgeCastilloPr/status/1030486221091491840?s=19
Hey @Jorge Castillo. This is simply amazing. I am truly humbled that you chose to create a course on this lib 🙂
Here are my thoughts so far:
- You are absolutely right to start by exposing Kodein tradeoffs, I think you did this in a very clear way 🙂
- Video 2 is obsolete as Kodein 5.2.0 offers
, this is to "accompany" the migration from the Support library to AndroidX
Hey. Thanks! Yeps I know, that's the bad part of video courses, they get outdated. Still thanks for clarifying!
Luckily it's just the artifacts so people should have big issues on adapting anyways
Also, and this is absolutely not critical ;): Because you are using a
to bind your presenters, they will be recreated every time they are requested, which goes against using
I've finished watching it all. Great work 🙂 Thanks a lot for advocating for Kodein 😄