So far I have: ```inline fun <reified T: Any&gt...
# kodein
So far I have:
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inline fun <reified T: Any> Kodein.Builder.singleton(noinline creator: suspend NoArgBindingKodein.() -> T) = SingletonCoroutineBinding(generic(), creator)

class SingletonCoroutineBinding<T : Any>(override val createdType: TypeToken<T>, creator: suspend NoArgBindingKodein.() -> T) : ASingleton<T>(creator) {
	override fun factoryName() = "singleton"
But I'm getting that
is internal in
No go with this:
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abstract class ACoroutineSingleton<T : Any> internal constructor(val creator: suspend NoArgBindingKodein.() -> T) : NoArgBinding<T> {
	private @Volatile var _instance: T? = null
	private val _lock = Any()

	override suspend fun getInstance(kodein: NoArgBindingKodein, key: Kodein.Key<Unit, T>): T {
		synchronizedIfNull(_lock, this::_instance, { return it }) {
			_instance = kodein.creator()
		return _instance!!
Since getInstance() is not suspend in the interface... Any other way?
It looks like it's a no go with the current code base... ­čśó