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06/07/2022, 3:42 PM
Hello, I’m Frederik (COO) I am looking for more teamplayers in our teams - pair programming, self-organisation, remote work, tech-lovers Company: dreamIT (Website, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing) Role: Backend Engineer (offer) Type: Full-time Language: German Location: 100% remote, but we offer to come to office (Hamburg, Altona) Experience: 1-3+ years Tech-Stack: K Kotlin, ktor Ktor,arrow Arrow, graphql GraphQl kubernetes Kubernetes, gitlab Gitlab (CI/CD), …. Contacts: @Freddi A great team of ~35 people (Small agile teams) build a new online Lotto platform (Mobile-first Shop + Backoffice Web application). The goal is to fill the best domain in the lottery market with life: and to create a scalable and technically advanced product. We launched our first shop in New jersey ( and in a very short time Texas and Colorado 🚀 But that’s only the beginning… We are happy to say, that most of our concepts have worked out, our tech stack feels very good and stable, and the ability for our teams to deploy easily and quickly at any time creates a good sense of ownership. “You build it, you run it” has once again become our motto. We are very proud of our teams that they are self-organized and trying to find the best solutions.
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Eugen Martynov

06/08/2022, 2:31 PM
I wonder about the ethical aspect of working for a lottery business. Have you found your own?


06/08/2022, 2:56 PM
I can understand if someone says that the industry doesn’t suit them and I really accept that. Everyone should decide that for themselves early on. is a new business in the US and gets great software from us. I guess most like more the modern technologies we use, like more the complexity and building a reliable online-platform (shop + backoffice). In the end, it’s crisis-proof, technically more exciting than building a simple online shop with a pizza in the shopping cart and also an old business that needs to be digitalized 🙂