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Raffaele Sorrentino

04/08/2022, 10:54 AM
Hello there! I’m Raffaele, android dance Android Software Engineer android dance for Bending Spoons, from Italy. 🇮🇹 With tens of millions of active users and hundreds of thousands of daily downloads, we’re one of Europe’s leading app developers. We’re looking for a talented, experienced, and passionate native Android developer eager to help us make the best apps on the Play Store and contribute to improving our technology stack. The company just won the prize as the 2nd Best Place to Work for mid-sized company in Italy🥈 and in last December, we went on an all-paid retreat for the entire company, in Mauritius! 🇲🇺 Check out our manifesto here: And also our open positions here: There are plenty of opportunities for Android engineers, both full time and part time, as well as internship. Both on-site and full remote! Send me a DM to have more informations or also if you want suggestions on your application or your resume! 😄
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Note: some people are asking about the full remote positions. While we allow remote working from any country, we also ask for everyone to be available to their team mates for the majority of the time, which means that we’re mainly looking to hire people from timezones GMT-2 to GMT+3. You’re free to apply anyway, if you’re out of such a timezone but you think you can guarantee your availability to the rest of the team in a satisfactory manner.
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