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02/23/2022, 7:19 PM
NO AGENCIES - REMOTE position, USA based company, preferred USA / Canada / LATAM time zones, but open to others that aren't too far away from these.
Looking for a Senior Backend Engineer with extensive experience in event/message driven systems, data pipelines and management.
Locals is looking for a Senior Backend Kotlin Developer to join our team. (
About the role: We are looking for a Kotlin developer to join our backend engineering team to further develop our data management and distribution platform. You will be responsible for feature level and system level work. You will participate in building data infrastructure working at an open-ended scale. This is not a role for beginners, or "I think I'm senior", as this is the real deal at high scales where nothing can fail in delivering data and provide high performance access to that data. Our code is for production. What you’ll be doing: • Architect and develop highly scalable data pipelines. • Develop low latency distributed data systems for serving data queries. • Build REST API / GraphSQL interfaces for accessing data. • Develop experiments and prototypes to prove concepts enabling future projects. • Working with datasets ranging from millions to billions of elements. W*hat you bring to the table*: • 6+ years overall backend development experience with JVM languages, 2+ years with Kotlin. • Experience in event/message driven systems. • Experience working with guaranteed messaging infrastructure (Kafka, NATS JetStream, Kinesis, or similar). • Experience working with low latency messaging systems (RabbitMQ, Redis Queues, or similar). • Experience with SQL and working with large databases. • Strong sense of quality and building your own test infrastructure.  • Strong communicator who collaborates well with cross functional teams. • Familiar with agile processes, continuous integration, and working with a remote team. As a plus, you might also have: • Experience working with Redis data structures at high scales. • Experience with CDC (change data capture) from databases (using frameworks or tools such as Debezium, Kafka Connect, or binary log readers). • Enough DevOps to be productive before requiring SRE support. Salary: by market (its open, make your case!) ...also looking for a senior SRE / DevOps person with HashiCorp Nomad experience. You can email me at or DM me here. Common questions please ask in the thread so others can benefit from the answers.
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Note for other tech we use not mentioned above: #ktor, #kodein, #jackson-kotlin, MySQL 8, AWS (secondary infrastructure, primary is self hosted).


02/28/2022, 9:20 PM
This excludes Europe, right?


03/24/2022, 8:49 PM
It can include Europe, just preference is the western time zones, but others will be considered.