Hi folks! I’m Jon Kinney from Green Bay, WI. My c...
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Hi folks! I’m Jon Kinney from Green Bay, WI. My company, Headway, is a web and mobile application development and design product studio. We have an opening for a Kotlin developer, so I wanted to reach out to the community here and see if anyone is interested in learning more?! We hire with the intention of helping folks build a strong career at Headway, but crew members are typically added as we need to grow the team for a specific opportunity. The project that we need to add a Kotlin developer to is creating a native mobile app that interfaces over bluetooth with a Continuous blood Glucose Monitor (CGM) to help folks with diabetes better manage their condition. The client we’re working with is submitting the solution to the FDA through a 510k analysis for approval of the software and hardware as a medical device. It’s a cool project! For a bit more about Headway, we’re nearly 40 people and we create small venture teams (4-8 people) to help our clients bring new and entrepreneurial ideas to market. Our process is lead by a dedicated product strategist for each project (user interviews, competitive analysis, etc.), and then we typically create the whole experience through design and development. Though some projects are more heavily weighted on one or the other. If you’re interested in learning more, I’d be the one you can talk to. No big funnel to get through. I’m a partner and the CTO at Headway and I lead up the dev team, so I can answer any/all questions you have here on slack or over a zoom. Everyone at Headway is US based (we need to stay that way for now), we’re fully remote, and we have great benefits: fully paid health care & dental, 4-weeks of paid parental leave, 401k match, quarterly profit sharing, onboarding budget for whatever hardware you want, 2 team weeks per year, we also close the doors for a week long winter holiday break, we have 2 floating holidays, we’re off for Juneteenth and MLK day, there’s an annual conf & edu budget, we have free lunch every Friday, and much more. Hope to hear from you if you have questions. Please apply here. Thanks!
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Hey. Is this USA remote only or EU works too? Thanks
Hi @igorbiscanin! Thanks for asking. USA remote is a current constraint that we have, yes.
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