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01/08/2021, 4:59 PM
We are hiring for Android @ StitchFix! Link - but please DM me first so that I may give you a link to go in a priority bucket. D&I Numbers - Tech is 38% female, tech leadership is 1/3 female, ~40% BIPOC in Tech (Overall company is 87% women, leadership is 62% women) 😲Company: StitchFix • Location: HQ in SF, no location or travel requirements • Onsite / Remote: Either (US-based, most of mobile is CST and 100% remote) • Role: Full-time. • Level: Lead / Senior • Visa sponsorship: Yes, but currently only for those already in the US • Language: English. • Hiring process: HR or Manager phone screen (30min-1hr) > Team member phone screen (30min-1hr) > Team + Managers DIY slide presentation (30min presentation, 30min talking time) > Code showcase (if you have suitable code on Github / public repos / video'd talk presentation ) or Take Home Exam (target ~4 hrs. to complete exam)  > Tech Interview / Pairing where you go through that code (30min-1hr) > Possible final talk with hiring manager or team members (Optional) Opportunity : This is a BRAND NEW CODEBASE, so if you want to build with the latest and greatest - this is the target. We are talking graphQL and full Kotlin codebase here and we are Beta and Alpha library friendly (including some dabbling in KMP). We are given the go-ahead to be an experimental platform from leadership and own our decision pipeline with opportunity to cross-pollinate with ML/Algorithms/Design/Backend/API/etc. Currently, we have 2.5 Engineers on the Android team which was started just a few months ago and ramping up with clear and manageable goals. 😲 Notes : Pay is standardized across the company #NoGames. That means a Lead Engineer in Android makes the same salary and has the same grants/options/etc. as iOS Lead Engineer or Front End Web Lead Engineer or Security Lead Engineer with only location-based salary modifiers/multipliers based off of where you are in the US (Tier 1-3) . Dallas and Austin are Tier 2, but SF and NYC would be Tier 1 and this is only to adjust for Cost of Living differences which should be on the higher-end for your locale. The Slide Presentation is where you tell us about you and any ideas or goals you see with the app or company at large as well as your experience in an online group format to team members and managers in that pipeline. This is fun and light, basically a showcase to tell us about you! Bonus info : Management chain and Engineering is extremely diverse as noted in public articles. Female, POC founded company and engineering leadership. Please DM me for more details and I am more than happy to talk about my experience thus far and why I chose StitchFix.

Subhrajyoti Sen

01/09/2021, 11:27 AM
Really good hiring post. Wish more posts provided this level of detail. The D&I look great too. Hope you find great candidates
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