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10/21/2020, 12:24 PM
Hey everybody! This is a preliminary message because the position is about to be reopened. While we are still working on a proper description document, here are some points in case someone is interested to start sooner. Place: Berlin, relocation/visa possible for the right candidate Job: Senior Android developer. And I really mean Senior. Mentoring other devs, driving tech decisions in the team, be active in product development. Not just a regular coding-only job. App: VERY popular news application for German market. It will be support of existing app, but as the Senior you decide where to drive the project. Stack: The usual. Kotlin, Dagger, Espresso, MVVM, CI/CD, all kinds of testing. There is a chance to also start doing backend development for the mobile app. Goodies: *Free lunches*/coffee/fruits/water, amazing new office with air conditioning and standing desks, lots of bonuses, work from home, personal devices and so on. I am a Senior dev helping our with the hiring, can answer most of the question or put you in the contact with the team. Send me a message if you're interested and stay tuned for an official position.
A little update here, we are still looking for a strong senior android developer, who would be able to coach/mentor other team members and explain well all the advanced development concepts. When hired, you will be able to drive forward innovation and architecture of apps that are used now by millions of users. We are working from home, but remote hiring is not an option, position is on-site in Berlin and not for freelance. Send me a message if you have any questions.
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