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10/15/2020, 4:03 PM
Hi everyone! If y’all know any Frontend 🕸️Backend K, or iOS 🍎  folks looking for a new opportunity, Hatch is hiring! Hatch wants to make access to capital better for small business in the US. Our existing product is a line of credit backed by our in-house underwriting model, and it works…really well! We’re currently building out a new checking account targeted at small businesses, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for after that. Our eng team is small (6 FTE + 2 interns), so whomever joins is making a big impact, both on the product, the team, and our culture! Some quick things: • Company: Hatch Credit ( • Location: HQ in SF, full-time remote-friendly (👋🏾 I’m remote!) (🇺🇸 only, for timezone reasons) • Visa Sponsorship: yes • Full Time: iOS is open to short/med contractors, other roles are FTE • Hiring process: recruiter video screen, technical video screen, onsite (~3-4hr), offer 💰Level: obviously we’d prefer candidates with 3+ years experience, but we’ve got a good track record for hiring folks who impress us, regardless of years of experience Notes: • very little algorithms required 🎉  (nobody cares if you can sort a BST) • backend is 100% K, and I’m going to make moves for Kotlin Multiplatform early next year • founder sold his previous company to Square, so he knows what he’s doing • specifically for iOS, this person would be starting the app from scratch — it’s a great opportunity for someone looking to stretch their wings! • iOS ListingBackend ListingFrontend Listing
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10/15/2020, 4:26 PM
"very little algorithms required 🎉  (nobody cares if you can sort a BST)" 🤣 finally
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