# hiring

Andrew Hammond

09/09/2020, 1:17 PM
Hello, Clearcover is hiring across the board, including a wide range of engineering roles, some using Kotlin! • REMOTE (USA applicants): Senior Backend Kotlin engineer (USA applicants): Lead Backend Kotlin engineer • REMOTE (USA applicants): React Native Engineer (React Native iOS and Android apps and custom native modules in TypeScript, Objective-C and *Kotlin*/Java) • All other roles, including Marketing, Growth, Ops, Finance: Our interview process allows for placement in varying roles based on experience. Senior salary range is around $140k. If you are very experienced with related tech stacks, I'd encourage you to apply and interview. Our interviewers generally allow you to demonstrate your skill in your preferred coding language. Benefits include equity, 401k employer contribution, free dental/vision, 90% medical premiums covered, unlimited vacation and more! Also, outside of global pandemics, we fly the full team into Chicago for fun holiday parties.
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Re: "USA applicants". I'm not a hiring manager but I gather that we require employees to be based in the US. For engineering roles, we will assist with H1B transfers (though I'm not sure about any other H1B specific policies, if you have specific questions I can forward them to our People Ops team and get back to you!)

Tim Rapp

09/23/2020, 2:01 PM
thanks for posting the job Andrew! I applied, whats a typical response time? Do you know what the interview process looks like? Kotlin is by far my fav lang, also like Typescript and fine with Java.

Andrew Hammond

09/23/2020, 2:24 PM
@Tim Rapp Awesome, thanks for applying! I was hired last December and I think they've put a lot more work into the hiring process since then. Also, I'm not a part of interview process so I'm not sure. I would say don't hesitate to share with the interviewers if you are able to move quickly, most of these roles have multiple openings. And sharing your experience with any of the other tech mentioned in other engineering roles would probably be a good idea. For example, I was interviewed for a Ruby role, having not written a line of Ruby for 2 years (😂) but after being hired I primarily worked on a Kotlin service (having minimal Java experience beforehand) and now I'm doing TypeScript haha. (All these options were presented to me in a "choose your own adventure" sort of way, and I'm always looking to learn new tech so I jumped at each opportunity!)
I'll ping the in-house recruiter assigned to your application and see if I can get the ball rolling a little quicker 🙂