05/04/2020, 1:05 AM
Hey everyone! BandLab has a few opened positions at Android Team We develop a social network and tools for musicians (you can see at and a few other music-related services We are looking for a permanent remote position or a remote position with future relocation to Singapore (after lockdown) We need developers for different parts of our app - Working on our audio editor, requiring good knowledge of custom UI rendering, audio/music experience would be a big advantage, but not required. One more advantage is experince with C++ and JNI (also not a requirement) - Working on the social part of our app, it’s full blown social network, with a lot of screens, animation, extensive networking and so on. - Working on photo/video features. If you have experience with Camera APIs, video processing, or would like to explore this area We are early Kotlin adopters (early 1.0.x releases), app is 90% Kotlin now, and we have plans for a Kotlin MPP You can check out the job description here: Or even better PM or email and ask any questions, or share your CV UPD: Our salary range is 4000-6000 USD per month, but we are open to discuss it
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Pramod Yadav

05/04/2020, 6:44 AM
@gildor Thanks for providing the job description and salary details. This should be the standard how a job should be posted here.
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