We are looking for Software Engineers at <bol.com>...
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We are looking for Software Engineers at bol.com (the biggest e-commerce platform of the Netherlands and Belgium). We offer Visa and relocation assistance tech stack: Java (8+), Kotlin, Google Cloud - more info here http://bit.ly/35ecHhi Feel free to contact me directly for more information! Salary 40-70k/year ex benefits, based in Utrecht (the Netherlands). I also have few Kotlin specific openings 🙂
Is holiday allowance is part of the benefits now?
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the 40k salary is not competitive in the NL at all
The advert did say ‘Salary 40-70k/month’ 🤣, I’d be very happy with a salary of half a million a year.
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I only have Java related experience, can I apply? @Maggie
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Yeah stupid mistake it's per year indeed thanks for flagging @dmulligan @Eugen Martynov & the salary of 40k is not a bad salary for a Junior Software Engineer IMO 🙂 and the salary is excluding the holiday allowance
@kenshinji yes please do!
@Maggie yeah, done!