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08/07/2019, 8:29 PM
Hi, I'm a Kotlin engineer working for The Stars Group .a.k.a the company behind the biggest online poker cardroom - PokerStars. We're expanding our team and we're looking for Kotlin developers. The tech stack we use is Kotlin, Kafka, Docker, and Kubernetes; which we're using to build out our greenfield sports betting platform. We typically use Spring Boot too but each team has the autonomy to run what they want to support, we constantly try new tech, and see what's out there and what works for us. Rather than give you some waffle about the company (you can click through for that) I'll tell you a little bit about what it's like to be engineer here, what our values are, and what the culture is like: * 10X Teams, not 10X Devs - we aim for strong teams that help each other out, respect each other. We are one team. I feel this is probably the most important value we share. * Agile squads and tribe - inspired by the spotify model, we run fully functional teams with product owners, software engineers in test, and architects in the squad. * Devops - you build it, you run it... the capability to build, test, release and monitor software is your team's responsibility, but we are also adopting a SRE style function to standardise and help with tooling. * Tech ninja Budget - £1000 a year to spend on conferences, books, training courses. I went to KotlinConf last year with many members of my team, and we're off to LambdaWorld and KotlinConf this year! * L&D Friday afternoons - we want people who love learning, and we give you the time to do so. Friday afternoons are dedicated to self driven learning. I used the time to run a Haskell study group where we read a the book Haskell from First Principles. I regularly use the time to learn new tech or just complete Katas with my team. * We think Kotlin is awesome. Info: * 37.5 hours a week * on-site, Leeds, United Kingdom * Permanent basis * Salary range is very competitive. £30-70K based on skillset and experience (+ bonus) We need Engineers and Senior Engineers. Here's the links for more info, expectations, and instructions how to apply: Engineer: Senior Engineer: I'll happily answer questions, just drop me a private message or reply here. Cheers!
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Eduardo Pinto

08/12/2019, 1:27 PM
37.5 hours a week. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏