07/03/2019, 8:29 AM
Company: MetaLab ( Job: Senior Android Engineer Location: Vancouver, BC / Victoria, BC / Remote (within +/- 3 hours of the Pacific timezone) We’re looking for a Senior Android Engineer to join our talented engineering team. You will work with a team of highly skilled developers and designers to build world-class products for our clients. As a Senior Android Engineer, you will be responsible for providing technical and career leadership to a small team of Android engineers. What We’re Looking For * You have 5+ years of Android development experience with 10+ years of Software Engineering experience * You have experience leading a team of software engineers * You have experience at building relationships across teams * You have at least one app in the Google Play Store you can tell us about * You’re obsessed with the user experience and understand how to bring a design to life without compromising fidelity * You’re passionate about ensuring high performance and responsiveness of applications because it leads to the best user experience * You love to collaborate with a team to define, design, and ship * Good understanding of software development best practices with experience working in an agile environment * You think that having your code reviewed and reviewing others code is key part of developing software to the highest quality The Must-have Technical Skills * Built apps in Java and Kotlin * Strong git & GitHub skills * Up-to-date with the latest and greatest Android patterns and best practices * Vast knowledge of the Android API, e.g.: activities, fragments, services * Understanding of the differences between versions of Android SDKs * You have experimented with various architectural patterns (MV*, Reactive, Clean) and are comfortable explaining the pros and cons of each. * Experience writing multi-threaded/asynchronous code; solid understanding of process and thread model in Android applications, e.g.: AsyncTask, RxJava, Coroutines * Deep working knowledge of Google’s Material Design * Extensive experience with Continuous integration, unit testing and build processes Extra Credit * Flutter * GraphQL * Previous agency experience * You have experience working as a part of a large engineering team If you have a Github profile or similar, we’d love to see it. Remote candidates within +/- 3 hours of the Pacific timezone are welcome to apply. Send me your cv
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"${"oaleksiey".drop(1).filter { it != 'i'}}.metalab:com"
    .replace('.','@').removeSuffix(":com").let { "$<|>" }
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Simon Schubert

07/03/2019, 8:49 AM
bonus points for the encrypted email 🎉
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07/03/2019, 9:08 AM
But what are YOU offering? 😏
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07/03/2019, 3:28 PM
haha yeah I can offer as little as forward the email to HR and then provide assessment for the fun coding task
MetaLab is really cool place to work btw