# hiring

Michael Al-Iskalachi

06/26/2019, 2:09 AM
Hi all! My client is a well-regarded software house based in NYC and they have been assigned with supporting a major project for an Investment Bank, also based in NYC. They are hiring two Senior Software Engineers who have a very strong JVM background, ideally working with Kotlin, Scala or Clojure and must know Java inside out. The project sits within the equities derivatives function and you’ll be working alongside ten other engineers, from full stack, back end and UI specialists. The work is due to start ASAP and you’ll be tasked with developing a real-time pricing and data visualization application for trading desks/front office purposes. This will all be developed in Kotlin server side and React/TypeScript on the front end. There is Java middleware layer, an API layer connecting to Bloomberg, Reuters etc. (static), plus a price engine fed by quants. The system went live in EMEA a year ago and now there is a major push to scale the system in the NYC office. The successful engineer will have: - Excellent JVM experience, preferably with one or more of the following technologies: Kotlin, Scala or Clojure (Kotlin is a major plus!) - Excellent foundation of Java experience - Experience with Spring/Spring Boot - AWS experience - Microservices - YARN - TDD, test driven first advocate - React/TypeScript or similar i.e. Angular - A passion and knowledge of the domain would be a real bonus i.e. equities derivatives, equities, swaps, futures, options etc. Hourly Rates: $100 to $150 Per Hour (dependent upon experience) - standard 40-hour work week Contract Duration: 6 Months + (likely to extend for 18 to 24 months) If you feel that you could enjoy and comfortably fit into this unique role of Senior Software Engineer, please DM me for further information. Thank you! 🙂


06/28/2019, 12:30 PM
@Michael Al-Iskalachi If you are open to C2C, we can help. We have some Java + React devs available on the bench.