Hi, BIG Telematics, based in Epsom, UK, are looki...
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Hi, BIG Telematics, based in Epsom, UK, are looking for 2 engineers (permanent, not contractors), to join our backend team working almost exclusively in Kotlin (although we do dabble now and again in other languages such as Java, NodeJS, Python, etc..). Details: Start: As soon as possible. Languages: >90% Kotlin (definitely the new stuff of which we've done a lot in Kotlin - over 1 years of development with multiple microservices all written in Kotlin) Architecture: A lot of streaming of real-time data into Kafka and consumed by containerised microservices. Lots of RESTful APIs. Lots of AWS services. Technologies: Docker, (Kubernetes), PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Spring (Boot, Data, Rest, Integration...), Cassandra, etc... Location: Epsom UK. Remote Working: No, sorry, onsite only (although we do permit working from home quite often). Stages: Usually 3. A telephone interview, a programming challenge then a face-to-face involving pair programming. Sponsorship: At this time, we aren't unfortunately in the position to sponsor anyone - so only UK/EU nationals please. Other: We are a very international office, but you must be fluent in English (reading/writing) Salary: Up to £75,000 depending upon experience. Please send your CV and availability for an initial telephone interview to "jvm@bigtelematics.com"
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i do appreciate you also describe the stages of the hiring process 👏
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You're welcome 🙂