it’d be nice to find some more positions for compa...
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it’d be nice to find some more positions for companies doing backend development in kotlin. seems like most everybody just wants android.
Adoption on Android has spiked with Google I/O announcement, though it was pretty high before it. Server-side systems, like #spring or #vertx are yet to announce a release with official Kotlin support included. Even if you can develop in Kotlin right away with (almost) any JVM framework, most companies will not adopt it easily unless support is announced.
Our team adopted Kotlin on back-end as soon as 1.0 came out 🙂 Currently 90% of new code is written in Kotlin and old code is also some-times converted on a case by case basis. 🙂 Spring boot: 1.5.x, Spring Platform: Brussels-SR3 Me being the lead and loving Kotlin helped of course 😄 No official support in current stable version of Spring is a bummer, but I can't say it creates too many problems, if any. After you get accustomed to a couple of quirks (like need to
, occasional
lateinit var
, etc.), it is a very pleasurable experience.
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Oh yeah, i’m all about it 🙂