Ok going to merge @thauvin’s PR, then you can test...
# kobalt
Ok going to merge @thauvin’s PR, then you can test it @rhencke
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@ethauvin I'll take a look into this when I get in tonight.
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@ethauvin One thing I noticed reading over this is that compile-only dependencies are being added to dependenciesTest, if I'm reading that right?
I think so, don't remember now.
I know it's not on
OK - let me poke a little more. I may be misreading it. I was just trying to grok it all before I ran it 🙂
Gradle has a bit of a different stance on it - compile-only dependencies are not visible to tests. They have a brain-breaking chart here: https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/java_plugin.html#N161E0
Not saying that Kobalt has to do what Gradle does. Just that I haven't thought through the ramifications of exposing it to tests.
Hmmm. You may have a point there. Let me know what you find, I can fix it if needed.
OK - I mean, it's not really that that's broken, per se. I can see it argued both ways. But it's worth noting it's different. But let me actually try instead of just reading. 😉
Yeah, it might work like Gradle, I frankly don't remember where I included the compile only dependencies. There are few places. 😉
Whatever made sense at the time, now my mind is fried. 😉
haha I know the feeling
Dealing with file permissions on windows right now, trying to make a test that insures that kobaltw is executable. Windows sucks.
Yeahhhh that's not fun.
You could probably check the attributes it's stored with in the zip file?
@ethauvin Thinking about it more... what's the difference between a 'provided' reference and a 'compileOnly' reference? From my end it was just the metadata in the POM. But this would resolve differently than 'provided' right?
I may have to take a fresh look in the morning. My brain's too spent. 🙂
will not show in any dependencies.
It's just for compiling.
@ethauvin Ah, got it. Thanks.
Have you had a chance to try it out?
@ethauvin Sorry - work hit like a freight train and I've been swamped. I should get to try it this weekend - tomorrow hopefully.
Sorry for the late reply.
No worries. Been there, done that. 😉
Trying to fight refactoring a 20+ year old codebase. It's so bad. It's like everything you shouldn't do in Java.
trying to get a proof of concept before a deadline, and I'm stubborn so I keep poking at it way past when I should give up.
But I digress. I'll fill up 200 pages talking about it
Thanks for the understanding though. Definitely want to dig in and try it