Hi all, I'm having trouble getting code completion...
# scripting
Hi all, I'm having trouble getting code completion in IntelliJ to work with my custom Kotlin scripts. After reading through https://github.com/Kotlin/KEEP/blob/master/proposals/scripting-support.md#how-to-implement-scripting-support I've added a
file to my project's
directory, but it seems I also need to add my project's JAR now to the compiler's classpath. How do I actually do that from the IDE? My code changes can be seen at https://github.com/oss-review-toolkit/ort/pull/4887/files#diff-b5d75d77219b5108e66671916d8001890961d0063bbff4e606b13d286374908e.
Should be working out of the box if you name your file as xxx.main.kts
Well, that's the point: I have custom scripts (with a custom DSL, custom default imports etc.) so I can't / don't want to use
directly, but build my own.
In particular, I'm interesting in whether it's possible to add IDEA completion support for custom scripts without writing an IDEA plugin. The instructions in
are a bit unclear about that. It sounds as if it could also be enough to just create a
file at
and add the corresponding JAR to the compiler's classpath.
Looks like I was able to get it working. The main problem seemingly was that I had the script configuration (annotated with
) and the script to run in the same IntelliJ model / project JAR. Splitting out the script configuration into a separate project, and making the project containing the scripts (as resources) depend on that project solved the highlighting / auto-completion issue, which now works in IntelliJ IDEA.