is there a list of common reasons that the IDE wou...
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is there a list of common reasons that the IDE would fail to load script definitions from module dependencies? I have a simple freestanding project (no Gradle, just JARs on the modules classpath) and the behavior I see is: 2021.1 EAP: resolution broken, entry not appearing under Kotin Scripting in settings under any circumstance 2020.3: resolution working intermittently, the script definition sometimes disappears from the Kotlin Scripting window and the IDE thinks my scripts are regular kotlin scripts 2019.3: consistently working discovery is setup via a file in
as many of the other existing examples do it. I wonder if the IDE runs into some error processing my definition, but if it is that's not being made visible to me
Hi! I’m sorry for the late reply. Could you share your project?
the script definition is here:, usage is a little obtuse as it depends on Ghidra. I'll upload a zip file with an IML project to make repro easier.
likewise, sorry for late reply!
Have the same problem with 2021.1
@Sergei Pecherkin [JetBrains] any update on this?
Hey. also happening to me…