06/29/2020, 9:26 PM
Two questions about the dependencies resolver. 1. I test the IvyResolver at my script definition and works great, but I notice a long freeze in my IDEA when it load the dependencies. This is a know issue? There is anyway to not freeze and show a load bar at the bottom? Like the Gradle sync taks. 2. I saw that the there is a Maven Resolver separated module, the IvyResolver could be one too? I'm using it because the Ivy library is more lightweight them the maven aether that kotlin-scripting-dependencies-maven uses.


06/30/2020, 9:24 AM
1. Some freezes are fixed in the 1.4 branch. There are no progress display functionality yet. 2. Ivy is packed into main-kts because it is easier to make a compact fat jar out of it, but in general it is considered that the maven/eather is a more "standard" implementation, therefore it is used for the default resolver lib. It is quite easy now (with 1.4 API) to make a separate resolver lib based on ivy (mostly by extracting things from main-kts), but I doubt that we will provide it along with the maven implementation now, because of the maintenance costs.