Is possible to retrieve path to the directory wher...
# scripting
Is possible to retrieve path to the directory where script is located? (I am talking about actual directory on disk, not working cmd directory that can be retrieved by
There is no generic way to do it. In your custom script definition though, you can have all the info to provide a variable for your scripts from the refinement callbacks.
I am just starting my Kotlin scripting adventure, so can you please be more specific?
Kotlin scripting allow you to define a custom script "definition" with specialized handling of your scripts. This would be a jar that contains code that will be used on different stages of the compulation and evaluation. Via this customization you can add quite a lot of functionality to your scripts. Default script definitions - stadard
and extended -
do not provide functionality you need. Unfortunately the docs/examples are quite limited at the moment, you can have a look at the KEEP-75 ( and repo with examples -